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A collection of thoughts that occur – some based on theory, most based on experience.

Agile Adoption – The Struggle is Real

Leadership has influence over teams. Those leaders that have adopted Agile are influencing teams by empowering them, removing burdensome practices and resolving organizational impediments. Leaders that don’t trust Agile are imposing what they believe are “best practices” for project management. Micro management is usually prevalent.

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The Agile Management Manifesto

Open communication over compartmentalized expectations That is, while there is value in the items on the right if the end goal is compliance, we value the items on the left more if the end goal is embedding the capacity for greatness in people.

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Why Is Self-Organization So Difficult?

Companies that make the decision to begin an agile transformation make that decision at the executive level. They make the decision for a variety of reasons, and then rely on middle management to execute on the directive. How do they execute? The way that is likely the most familiar – command and control.

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Is Scrum Master a Full-Time Job?

Much of what a great Scrum Master does is observation, thought work and strategic planning. You see, the Product Owner’s focus is on the value of the product being delivered to the business. A Scrum Master’s focus, or “product” if you will, is in fact, the team itself.

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