Why is Self-Organization So Difficult?

When I first became introduced to agile, and began living into the role of scrum master, I found it very difficult to get my teams to self-organize.  As if it were something I could make them do. I used to blame management for my team’s lack of self-organization.  After all, they were new to agile as well and continually […]

The Agile Management Manifesto

  • May 13, 2018
  • Agile, Scrum
  • Eric Tucker

Recently we’ve been doing a lot of work with middle/line management in a company adopting agile. After a very successful workshop recently, I was inspired by the managers who attended. I felt the need to write this down before I forgot it. It’s simply my thoughts on an Agile Management Manifesto. It’s by no means […]

Is Scrum Master a Full-Time Job?

Having been around the block a few times, I know this topic is going to spark some discussion and disagreement. I welcome it all, because out of discussion, ideas emerge. I have seen organizations treat the Scrum Master role in different ways.  Some view the role as merely a schedule keeper that also has project […]