get the best out of your agile teams with training and coaching

We’ll train your Agile teams to deliver maximum value to your customers with uncompromising quality.  We’ll coach your Agile teams to help them execute what they learned during training. We’ll help your leadership group to understand how to add value without being inadvertently disruptive.

Why Agile & Scrum?

Traditional approaches to product development (waterfall) struggle when change is needed (which is always).  


We'll provide energized, interactive training to your teams so they can be productive with Agile and Scrum from day 1.


We will help your teams put what they learn to use, in practical ways that get fast results.


We'll evaluate where your organization is currently in its Agile adoption, and make recommendations on what to do next.

team kickoff

We will get your teams pointed in the right direction. They should be able to add value in each and every sprint.

Student Testimonials

The class was much more lively and informative than I had anticipated. It was a matter of being engaged rather than just reading from the pages of a book. Highly Recommend!!!

Matthew Bush

PMP, CSM Global Project Manager – Agile & Waterfall

I feel confident and ready to continue my professional journey. To anyone reading, take his class or grab the opportunity to chat with him, he has a wide range of knowledge to share!

Alexandra Tatro

CSM, Social Media Specialist at Lights On Creative (she/her)

The hands-on approach had us learning as a class and in smaller teams through exercises. There is much more to this than I thought.

Richard Genet, MS

Automation, Tools, DevOps Leader | Create Customer Satisfaction & Maximum Team Performance with Continuous Improvement

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