Today’s business climate is so uncertain.
Our choices matter more than ever.
We have to be delivering better, faster and cleaner than ever before in order to remain competitive.

No framework makes that happen more effectively than Scrum.

Companies like Google, IBM, Spotify, 3M and ANZ have transformed themselves by using the Scrum framework coupled with the Agile mindset.

They deliver higher quality, more rapidly, with better profit margins and happier customers because of this transformation.


We can get you started with expert Certified Scrum Training, coaching and consulting.

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Already started, experiencing speed bumps and you don’t know why? We can do an assessment for you and help you identify and fill the gaps

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We can even help you screen candidates you’re considering for vital Scrum Master, Product Owner or Coaching positions.

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We offer Certified Scrum Master (CSM) & Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) training. We can also custom design training to fit your particular needs.

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We can support your agile transformation with expert coaching from experienced professionals. We can support you on-site and even remotely for those that are more cost conscious.

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Are you ready for Agile? Have you started and stopped? Are you trying but it doesn’t feel like its working? We’re happy to come visit, take a look, share our observations and make recommendations based on what we see.

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We will come to you and show you exactly how to execute on the Scrum framework and adopt the Agile mindset day to day.

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Candidate Screening

Many are good at presenting themselves as Agile and/or Scrum “experts.” But are they really? We can help you weed out the pretenders and ensure your organization brings in only the best of the best

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Team kickoffs

Properly kicking off a Scrum team is absolutely vital to that team’s success. We are happy to facilitate kickoff events for your Scrum teams.

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“I feel confident and ready to continue my professional journey.”

Alexandra Tatro

CSM Digital Marketing, Project Management, Social Media

“Eric is a thorough and articulate coach & leader in his field. I took his scrum course in Chicago, December 2019. Despite having a class of 29, he still managed to make sure that everyone was on the same page and that every single party in the room reached a consensus on where we took the class to next, topic-by-topic. I feel confident and ready to continue my professional journey with many of the thanks to him for making me prepared to pass my SCRUM test on the first try, merely HOURS after the close of our final class. Thank you Eric, I hope we cross paths again soon. To anyone reading, take his class or grab the opportunity to chat with him, he has a wide range of knowledge to share!”

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Today’s business climate is so uncertain. Our choices matter more than ever.

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