Often confused with the role of a coach, a consultant performs a very different function.  The job of a consultant in the world of Agile and Scrum is to come to you and show you exactly how to execute on the Scrum framework and adopt the mindset known as Agile once you’ve been properly trained.  Consulting is very tactical in nature, and deep expertise is required.


Our preferred method of service delivery is always in-person.  Experience has taught us this approach is far more effective and generates quicker results for you.  When performing a consulting role, we will show all participating roles how to effectively conduct themselves in order to achieve maximum sustainable output using Agile and Scrum.


If budget and availability are a constraint, virtual consulting can be provided.  Effectiveness can be limited as 93% of all communication is non-verbal.  That said, virtual consulting is better than nothing, and can be vital toward getting people un-blocked in their efforts to deliver value.

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