All too often we hear organizations say that they need to figure out their “specific flavor of agile.”  The problem is, in order to get to a place where an organization is ready to “make it their own”, they must first have a strong grasp of the fundamentals.  Would you tweak a car engine to make it go faster without first understanding how an engine works?

In the rush to be able to say “we’re agile”, organizations and individuals often disregard the basics and that leads to scaling mediocrity.  We can help.  We’ll come in, meet with leadership, meet with teams, observe events and behaviors, and craft for you a comprehensive list of things that were positive as well as challenges and impediments.  We’ll work with you to craft a strategy to help.  This strategy will have an exit plan.  We are in the business of helping companies operate on their own.  We are not in the business of creating a long-term dependency on us.

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